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Before you plant, build or cement please know your boundries

Diagram of proper placement.

Diagram of proper placement.


This driveway is properly constructed and has been tied into the roadway. 

Diagram of proper placement.

Diagram of proper placement.

Diagram of proper placement.

A diagram to help you better understand.

Below you will find a download link for the HOVE Road Driveway Tie-In Application.

Diagram of proper placement.


The right way to do it! This attractive board fence is within the bounds of the owner's land, and the plantings behind it will cause no problems. 


This driveway is past the property line. In addition, the edge of the cement is a good 2 inches higher than the roadway, making this driveway not only an encroachment, but a traffic hazard as well.
In order to tie in this drive correctly, it will have to be easement regraded. The property owner will be assessed for the labor, materials and equipment required to correct the issue.


This owner not only went past his  property line (by a good ten feet) but actually dug out the edge of the   pavement to pour his driveway! A large section of this driveway will have to be removed and the road  repaired, at the expense of the owner.