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About Us

HOVE covers over eighteen square miles -- almost twelve thousand acres -- contains roughly 11,500 lots and has 157 miles of roads. Development began in the late 1950s, and a trust fund was established by the developer for the maintenance of the many miles of roads (equivalent to about halfway around the island!). Over time, the trust fund proved inadequate, and by the early 1980s, many of our roads were virtually impassable without a 4-wheel drive. HOVE Road Maintenance Corporation (RMC), a 501(c)(4) nonprofit corporation, was established by the Hawaii Third Circuit Court in 1983 for the purpose of rebuilding and maintaining the roads within the subdivision, without assistance or support from the County or State. According to local remembrance, we started out with "a truck, two shovels, and a bucket of bitumen." In 1985 RMC acquired some second-hand equipment, and began rebuilding in earnest. Today, Ocean View has one of the best privately-maintained road systems on the island, and perhaps in the state. As the population of our area continues to grow, we are constantly pressed to keep pace with the times and traffic conditions. "Road Maintenance" now includes stop and street signs, line markings, road patching, repair and  resurfacing, shoulder maintenance and line-of-sight clearing. All lot owners within the HOVE subdivision are members of the Road Maintenance Corporation. This website has been developed for the purpose of keeping our members informed, and making it easier for them to communicate with the Board of Directors and the Office Staff.

Board of Directors - Our Current Volunteers

Jim Steenburg, President  

George Campbell, VP/Treasurer

​Jim O'Hara, Secretary  

​Frank Loosli, Director

Bill Burkett, Director

Application to become a Volunteer

The H.O.V.E. RMC Board is an elected, volunteer and non-paid group of dedicated H.O.V.E. lot owners. 

We are still in need of qualified applicants for the HOVE RMC Board of Directors. 

Any RMC Member, who is residing in Ocean View, may be qualified to serve on the RMC Board.  

Are you interested in joining and making a difference? 

BOD Application (pdf)